HTRACK 100 by Hubertrack: versatile agricultural or vineyard chase


Your crawler tractor

HUBERTRACK innovates in the field of tracked carriers. Hubertrack has redoubled its inventiveness to design a unique chase in the world that bears no resemblance to what can be found on the market today.

Our track allows you to spread your fertiliser in any situation. Be reassured and free of all constraints, because when the weather conditions do not lend themselves to it, and when you are afraid of getting your tractors stuck in the middle of your plots, theHT100 will undoubtedly be the essential partner in all outdoor work in difficult situations.














Technical specifications of the HHT100

that make the value of this machine and allow us to qualify our motto:


« The freedom of time and the environment.»

The HHTRACK100 is equipped with a Deutz engine, its compact size (l. 2240 cm x l. 3615 cm | Pds 4 T to 6 T), its rubber tracks (load-bearing surface: 2.7 m²) combined with its hydrostatic transmission, make this new machine a compact and very handy instrument, unique on the market.

Strengths of the crawler tractor:

  • A minimum of on-board electronics,
  • A design of our fully hydraulic carrier,
  • The majority of metal accessories made of stainless steel,
  • The driving position: ergonomic,
  • The unique steering wheel steering system is a real advantage in terms of driving comfort.
  • • All-French manufacture and design in our workshops in Charente (16)

make our HT100 tractor easy to use and maintain and make it usable in all circumstances by any user.

The crawler tracks of the HTRACK 100 are EIDER brand, allow to adapt to all surfaces, and open the access to steep or marshy places until then inaccessible to “standard” machines. No more soil compaction. Its tracks and low weight (150 g/cm²) make it efficient and respectful of the terrain on which it has to operate while retaining the benefit of the power of its 100 HP.

This wine and agricultural crawler track is a real off-roader.Thanks to its high crossing capacity it can sneak in anywhere and at any time when other machines, tractors … cannot move.

The HT100 is so much easier to handle than your old snow grooming machines transformed into agricultural tracked vehicles, or your second-hand tracked vehicles transformed into fertiliser tracked vehicles. The HTRACK 100 will undoubtedly become your reference agricultural track. The HTRACK 100 was highlighted by the magazine Réussir Machinisme (Demonstration vidéo) as one of the three exceptional sites for fertiliser application in 2018. Our HT100 Caterpillar, which respects the soil, fauna and flora of our major agricultural regions, will be the ideal track for seeding or sowing your future fertilisers.

Its maximum speed is 18Km/hour. Its road homologation allows you to travel on the roads in complete safety while respecting the legislation in force.

Its adjustable rear tool holder: H-POL, allows the centre of gravity of the HTRACK100 to be balanced with different tools. It's front, and rear power take-offs allow all tools requiring this type of connection to be adapted to it. This way, you benefit from an ingenious and easy-to-use product, as practical and useful as a Swiss Army knife!

With the HTRACK 100, it is easy to adapt a seed drill or sprayer thanks to its tool holder, the H-POL and its adjustable rear PTO (power at choice)allowing you to pick up the tool directly from the ground without having to use a telescopic arm. It is also possible to install a van (to be discovered in the accessories/options page) ) at the back of the HT100 carrier to store and transport any products or waste that will be useful to you to move. At the front, for example, you can install a pruning arm or shredder and many other tools thanks to our mechanical front and hydraulic rear PTO option (power to choose from)…


Overview of the situation

Overview of the situation

  • HHT100 model
  • Operating weight
    • PTAC: 6, 700 kg
    • PTRA: 10, 200 kg
  • Permissible loads
    • On axle 1 : 4, 000 Kg
    • On axle 2 : 5, 000 Kg
    • On hitch : 1, 200 Kg
  • DEUTZ TCD 3.6 L 4 engine
  • 4 cylinders
  • 3.6 L displacement
  • 74.4 kW (100hp) / 2, 300 rpm
  • Diesel tank 100 L
  • Hydrostatic transmission (POCLAIN & BONDIOLI)
  • Floor span length 2,450 mm
  • Track width 550 mm
  • Ground range 26,950 cm 2
  • Load-bearing ground pressure bare 150 g/cm 2
  • Hydrostatic transmission (POCLAIN & BONDIOLI)
  • Central cabin on silent-blocks
  • Pneumatic seat height / adjustable seat
  • 3 x 12volt 3 pin plugs in cab in standard Equipment

    You will find in cabin at your fingertips 3 three-pin plugs for connecting tools requiring an electrical connection

  • Joystick forward / reverse Z-control

    The Z-controlled joystick handle allows you to order from the cab the tools you have installed as part of your ongoing work including the direction of the H-POL tool holder

  • Steering wheel on central column
  • Rubber track train driven by grip
  • DEUTZ engine terminal
  • Road lighting equipment possible

    On request, our carrier is approved to circulate on the entire road network, its movement speed is 22Km / H

  • Air conditioner

    The cabin air conditioning is available as an option to ensure a comfortable working in all circumstances

  • Aluminumrear shelf extensions

    Aluminum rear shelf extensions protect the components and limit the formation of corrosion caused by splashing fertilizer.

  • Pressurization of the cabin
  • Power Mirrors
  • Simple translation tool holder
  • Double translation tool holder
  • Front or Rear linkage
  • Stainless steel tray
  • Protective housings or shielding plates under chassis
  • Other accessories on request

All the above-mentioned values or characteristics are given for information only; they are subject to change without notice by Hubertrack Company


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