Hubertrack: Export Shredder Manufacturer and Biomass Recovery Tipper

Export Shredder Manufacturer
and Biomass Recovery Tipper

Hubertrack complements its range of tools and widens the fields of use of its HTRACK100 and HTRACK130

Hubertrack becomes a specialist in the collection of shredded material in wetlands, protected sites and sensitive natural areas (SNA). Our collection has been approved by organizations for the protection of the environment for wild fauna and flora such as the European mink, which is a protected species ...

We have developed an EXPORT SHREDDER, the HBV-180, mounted on our 3-point front hitch with power take-off associated with its shredded material recovery tipper.

After the HTRACK130 Plant Shredder and its recovery tipper set have worked your land, the biomass produced is directly collected and sent by an export sheath to a waste recovery tipper, the HBOX-5.0 with a capacity of 5 cubic meters.

To respect the environment all our HTRACKS are equipped with BIO degradable hydraulic oil.


Our combination HTRACK 130 all-terrain or off-road vehicle, HBV-180 recovery Shredder and its HBox-5.0 recovery tipper can work on any type of ground to export standing biomass. The shredded products are expelled via a chute which ejects them backwards into a collecting tipper. The biomass can thus be recycled and treated.


The low bearing capacity of the assembly mounted on rubber tracks is perfectly suited for forest maintenance work, green spaces maintenance, peerage maintenance, roadside maintenance ... in other words all Sensitive Natural Spaces (SNS), with the highest respect for wild fauna and flora by respecting the soil and avoiding compaction of the land. We are thinking in particular of the protection of the habitat of the European mink in Charente which is in danger of extinction …


In a single pass the soils are cleared and clean of any waste. This process is ideal for safety in road work or maintenance of easement and safety strips and for waste recovery and environmental preservation. After our passage, the soils are clean, favouring the regeneration of meadows and land left fallow. Our HTRACK 130 all-terrain or off-road vehicle, HBV-180 recovery Shredder and its HBox-5.0 recovery tipper will allow you to practice responsible ecological management. . Indeed, the biomass thus generated could be used as a renewable energy source or as compost.


Our HTRACK130 is suitable for working in hard-to-reach places, especially in particularly humid areas. It is suitable for the maintenance of the banks of marshes or ponds. Equipped with its HBV-180 Export Shedder, it becomes the compact tool suitable for cutting and grinding reeds, it will accompany you in your fight against invasive exotic species, finally you will be able to perform all forest maintenance, brush cutting, or clearing work on any ground....



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